Growing up as a surfer in the Basque Country, I learned very quickly that life is a journey. Work hard, dedicate yourself to what inspires you, and life will reward you with a journey that will take you further than you could imagine. As a young man, my inspiration was to be found in the rich hunting grounds of the Cantabrian sea, where I would challenge myself to ride the huge waves that visit our coastline every winter. Later, this obsession with riding waves led to an even deeper obsession with understanding the craft we use to ride them. So, in 2002 I entered the Pukas factory, where I was able to learn from the best. With Johnny Cabianca as my teacher, and guys like Mayhem, Tokoro, Chilli, Peter Daniels and Rawson passing along words of advice and inspiration, I was surrounded by the best. I worked hard, learned fast, and in 2005 I was rewarded with my own shaping room, where I devoted the next ten years of my life’s journey to making the best surfboards I can.
In 2016, we founded the Basque Country Surf Company. With a brand-new facility, state of the art technology and materials, and inspiration to build the best surfboards possible, the most exciting chapter in the journey had begun. The challenges of running our own business and factory have not always been easy, but the satisfaction of seeing ‘our’ surfboards being surfed at our local breaks more than makes up for it. It’s just great to share what we do with our customers – knowing that they are as passionate as we are!

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