Are you a summer lover? For less experienced surfers, summer is the best: long, hot days at the beach, warm water and small waves that are easy to learn the basics on. But for some, more advanced surfers, summer is that annoying season in between the pumping swells and offshore winds of spring and fall. Whichever way you look at it, here at Agote we believe that summer is definitely not a bummer when you’ve got the right board for the conditions.

Many used to think that their ‘magic’ shortboard should work in every type of wave – basically it was shortboards all year, and a longboard for summer. But that’s all changed, and surfers are beginning to recognise that there are as many styles of shortboard out there as there are types of wave. This is especially true in small waves. Inspired by the paddle power and down-the-line speed of fishes, eggs and discs that have made a comeback in recent years, we’re taking the lessons taught by these retro shapes and applying them to solid performance principals, to create a series of summer shortboards that love weak, waist-high waves. Check here our Summertoys!


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