Agote Surfboards Catalog 2020, Mikel Agote surfing, floater
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The complete overview

Made to measure

Ordering your first custom surfboard

Pit pilot

Nuestra tabla favorita para otoño. ¡Un “must have”!

World premiere: surfers blood

Patxi Oliden and Agote are in the cast!

Your new magic board starts here

As a young man, Mikel Agote challenged himself to ride the huge waves that visit the Basque coastline. Today, his obsession is making the best surfboards possible.


More on the shaper and his state-of-the-art factory HERE.


Our latest performance models paddle faster, catch more waves and are more responsive than ever before.

Summer Toys

Combine the performance of modern shortboards with the fun of retro shapes, perfect for making the most of summer surf.

Misc. Wave Craft

Tried and tested designs that cover just about every kind of surfing and surfer.

Semi Guns/Guns

Our mission is to bring the same improved handling and performance characteristics of short boards to big wave shapes.

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